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Bespoke Custom Design Rings

Jewellery is a special gift to both give and receive. Giving your loved one a glittering ring or necklace isn’t the same as giving them a bunch of flowers or a new book. It’s a statement that will hopefully last a lifetime. However, the world is in a rapid state of flux and even the traditional acting of gifting jewellery is changing. It’s no longer the case that the most expensive and ostentatious piece is the most pleasing to receive. Now more than ever, there is a focus on individualism and self-expression. People want to wear jewellery that suits their personality and dress-sense. In a world where everyone was fighting the get the trendy ‘in’ thing, some people are now willing to spend that little extra to get truly unique items. Bercotts have the expertise to help you design stunning bespoke jewellery in Bothwell that will stand out.

Technically, the focus shifting to bespoke jewellery is not a new trend, but a return to the traditional. Think back to your last trip to a museum. You will have seen a range of jewellery from various historical periods. While the pieces from the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks are all different in style, they do have one thing in common; they are all bespoke. Every single item of jewellery was made for the individual. There were no factory lines to mass-produce identical rings, necklaces or bracelets. Instead, jewellers were commissioned by their wealthy clients to make individual pieces. It was very much a class symbol. This didn’t change until recently. Jewellers started to mostly sell only stock pieces and bespoke jewellery became less common. Those who did have bespoke in this time, were again, extremely wealthy. Thankfully, Bercotts’ bespoke jewellery in Bothwell is way more accessible.

The team at Bercotts believe that you should be able to get the type of high-quality jewellery you want without paying a manufactured premium. We’re a family business that been in the industry for decades. While do offer a range of gorgeous stock pieces on our website, our expert craftsmen will be delighted to produce a striking custom piece. The process is simple. All you need to do is book an appointment and one of our experts will guide you through the process of designing a stunning piece of bespoke jewellery. Bothwell residents will easily be able to reach our studio for a consultation as we’re only a twenty-six-minute drive away. During this consultation, we’ll establish a budget, design specifications and metal/stone types. Following that, we’ll produce your design in CAD and then finally, produce your physical piece.

If you’re looking for bespoke jewellery in Bothwell, why look any further than Bercotts? We have the passion and ability required to make your experience as fantastic as possible. You’ll leave us with a gorgeous piece of jewellery that you or your loved one will treasure for a lifetime. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to answer any questions or set you up with an appointment.

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