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Stone Shape Guide: European vs Brilliant Cut

At Bercotts we believe that a stunning engagement ring is crucial to having a successful proposal. Who could say no to a glittering diamond ring that has been designed by a loving partner? The only way you’re going to be able to assemble the perfect ring is if you know a little about the options available. We’ve already had a brief look at round cut rings on our blog. However, it is important to note that there are variances within this stone shape. European round cuts are not quite the same as the gorgeous brilliant cut engagement rings in our Glasgow store. We’ve decided to expand upon some information on the brilliant cut engagement rings on offer in Glasgow, as they are a very popular option and look great on anyone.

What is a European Cut?

Put very basically, a European cut diamond is an antique. It was the standard round cut diamond that was produced between 1890 – 1930. It doesn’t look incredibly dissimilar to the modern brilliant cuts that we stock in our store. However, there are some key differences that can distinguish brilliant cut engagement rings from its predecessor.

The hallmark of a European cut diamond is it’s large culet. When you look down on a European diamond, the culet will be visible without the use of any tools or equipment. They also contain larger facets than the modern iteration of a round cut diamond. The facets appear as thick triangular blocks instead of the thinner facets of brilliant cut diamonds.

European diamonds were measured and cut by hand. Diamond cutters from this era only had their eyes as a tool to measure the precision of a cut. A lot of work was put into them and this paid off as they are stunning stones and were polished so they would best sparkle against candlelight. They were cut for colour rather than for brilliance and are still extremely popular, particularly amongst the collectors of vintage jewellery.

What is a brilliant cut?

As the name suggests, the brilliant cut is the most brilliant of all diamond cuts that are currently available. The creation of the brilliant cuts signified the shift towards a more mathematical and precise method of cutting diamonds. Rather than focusing just on colour, there is now a focus on light and brilliance.

It is widely accepted that the modern-day brilliant cut was originated by a Belgian diamond cutter by the name of Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. However, there is evidence that suggests that it was first created one hundred years prior by a Venetian stone cutter named Vincenzio Perruzzi. Semantics aside, the modern iteration hasn’t been around long, yet has proven to be the most popular stone shape. It is the diamond shape that springs to mind as soon as someone mentions the phrase “diamond engagement ring.”

Brilliant cuts consist of 58 cuts in total, and the shape maximises sparkle and brilliance. Over the past thirty years or so, the demand for this shape of diamond has only increased. We sell a variety of brilliant cut engagement rings in Glasgow to match this demand, but it does have to be said that the market is now saturated with brilliant cut diamonds. Despite this saturation, they are one of the more expensive diamonds out there as they are gorgeous and there is a lot of waste from the rough.

Which should I buy?

It really does depend on what you’re looking for in an engagement ring. With a European cut engagement ring, you’d be buying a stunning piece of history. While less sparkly, the knowledge that it was painstakingly handcrafted makes up for that. Of course, it will be a fairly pricey purchase as they are antiques. The brilliant cut engagement rings for sale in Glasgow are the creme de la creme of diamond engagement rings in terms of brilliance and sparkle. They are gorgeous rings, but expensive. There is less history sure, but you’re giving your partner a contemporary diamond that is unique to them.

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