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Despite what the naysayers state; marriage is still a huge part of life. Even in 2019, proposing to your partner is the ultimate act of commitment and love. For those romantics out there, it is one of the most important events of their lives. So, it is important that you plan the perfect proposal so that your partner can have a memory that they’ll treasure forever. Memories are important but physical mementos can make special events that much more precious. An engagement ring is one of the best and most special mementos that you’re going to get throughout your life. To ensure your partner gets a ring that they’ll love, Bercotts provides stunning engagement rings in Anniesland. Whether you want a bespoke ring or one of our gorgeous premade rings; Bercotts will have the perfect ring for you.

The act of proposing is full of symbolism and tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Back during the Roman era, rings were given to women as a sign of ownership and commitment. The circular design was chosen as a circle has no beginning and no end; it is an infinite loop. Women would receive iron rings to wear around the house and gold rings to wear while out and about. Obviously, the idea of ownership is significantly less romantic than would be desired. Thankfully, it’s evolved to be a more romantic concept for the most part. Women and men are gifted engagement rings as a sign of love and commitment rather than ownership and rings have evolved to match this more romantic sentiment.

Instead of a plain band, you can opt for whichever design best suits your partner. Our engagement rings in Anniesland come in a variety of settings, stones and colours. If you have a look on our website, you’ll be able to browse our range of ready-made rings. No matter your budget or taste, we are guaranteed to have the perfect ring for you. However, we do also offer a bespoke experience for those couples who are wanting that extra special statement. You cannot get more romantic than proposing with a ring that you’ve designed personally for your partner. Our team will guide you through the designing process during a one-on-one appointment and will help you to get the best ring for your budget.

If you’re wanting to take that next step in your relationship, you won’t find better than our engagement rings in Anniesland. Bercotts have the experience and knowledge required to make sure you get a gorgeous piece of jewellery. Whether you’re wanting to shop online or visit us in person, we’ll ensure you get the ring that you and your partner deserves. For more information or to find answers for any queries you may have, feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help. You can reach us online or via the phone on 0141 258 3606.

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