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Ring Guide: Halo Engagement Rings

Even the most chill people want an engagement ring that caters to their tastes. You’d be surprised at just how much it matters. Which is fair enough, this is a ring that you or your partner will wear for decades. Did you know that there are entire Facebook groups dedicated to analysing engagement rings? Engagement rings are a big deal. Here at Bercotts, we believe that your partner should have the ring that they deserve. We’ve been using our blog to explain all available options so that you can be sure you’re purchasing the perfect ring. Bercotts have prepared a brief examination of halo engagement rings so Glasgow clients can shop with us in confidence.

A halo ring is less of a stone cut and more of a setting. It consists of a centre gemstone that is set within a collection of smaller diamonds or gemstones. You’ll find that these are usually referred to as round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. According to a number of ring suppliers, they are currently the second most popular style of ring. It’s second only to the classic solitaire setting. They are ideal as they offer the security of a prong setting, but with additional grace and style. While the halos most commonly come in the shape of a circle, you do actually have a variety of unique options if you’re wanting some with that extra touch of originality. That is to say, you’re not limiting yourself to brilliant cut stones. The halo is usually dependent on the shape of stone you opt for so you could still have the emerald cut or marquis cut that you truly desire.

Despite the fact that they’ve become trendy as of late, halo engagement rings have been around for a fairly long time. In fact, you could say they are timeless. Their popularity rises and falls throughout the years, but they never really disappear. The preliminary design of halo engagement rings date back all the way to Georgian times. So, somewhere in the ballpark of 305 years ago. They gained notable popularity in the Victorian era, but with one particular design that took the look of a flower. The halo engagement rings in Glasgow are, for the most part, a lot less obnoxiously ostentatious than the designs of the past. The typical halo engagement ring of today takes from a style that was originated during the Art Deco era during the 1920s.

Halo engagement rings very much dip in and out of style, like with any fashion trend. This particular type of setting tends to reflect the changes in socio-economic trends. For example, they very much fell out of style during the Great Depression and during World War II. However, we truly think that halo engagement rings are a timeless option. Not only do they offer additional protection to your centre stone, but they look gorgeous. Clients also get a more expensive looking ring for a cheaper cost. A halo can make a centre stone look up to half a carat bigger. This is fantastic as you can buy a smaller size stone, but not lose any effect for having done so.

In order for you to get a halo engagement ring in Glasgow that your partner will love, you need to also have an idea of their personal style. They work with a variety of stones and stone cuts and leaves you open to a variety of options. We understand that it can be a little daunting to go onto our website and search ‘halo engagement rings’ and be provided with a ton of options. For this reason, we do also offer appointments at our store. An expert can help you go through all available options and help you pick the ring best suited towards your partner. Additionally, we also offer the option of creating a bespoke engagement ring. With a bespoke engagement ring, you’ll be able to custom design a ring that your partner will adore. For more information on our halo engagement rings in Glasgow or any of our other options, please feel free to get in contact.

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