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It seems like nothing is made to last nowadays. The phone or desktop you’re reading this from is no doubt already outdated, as new technology and products are released daily. While this doesn’t render these items, it is somewhat disconcerting. Items like clothing are in a similar position, with the relevance of fast fashion stores and clothing that is made to be easily replaceable. Jewellery is one of the few exceptions. Thankfully, you can still buy a stunning necklace, ring or bracelet and enjoy it for years to come. However, this is dependant on you finding a high-quality jeweller that can produce and source pieces that will stand the test of time. Bercotts are jewellers in Bothwell that deliver expert craftsmanship and decades worth of industry knowledge. If you want to invest in a gift that your loved one will cherish for decades to come, our jewellery is perfect.

So, why is jewellery made to last? Well, throughout history, jewellery has been used as a signifier for a relationship, status, wealth or to mark an achievement. What do we mean by history? Pretty much since the beginnings of humanity as we know it. For example, hunter-gatherers would wear necklaces with teeth from successful hunts. This of course did become more sophisticated over time, with the Romans and Egyptians being well known for their use of ornamental jewellery to signify wealth. It was so important to Pharaohs, that they were often buried with it so it could be enjoyed in the after-life (alongside other expensive treasures). While our jewellers in Bothwell are experts and thus big fans of jewellery, they aren’t quite that obsessive. Thankfully, the use of jewellery has adapted over time to become more affordable and less creepy.

Jewellery still has a significant place within society. It still acts as a sign of wealth and status, but it has developed to become so much more than that. Jewellery signifies memories; it’s a reminder of your graduation, your birthday or even your wedding. You can say a lot to a loved one by giving them a necklace or a ring. That is why our high-quality jewellers in Bothwell ensure that all of our jewellery has been built to last. When you own a possession with so much meaning attached, you don’t want to lose it. In fact, to do so is devastating. If you have a look at our website, you will find a range of fantastic pieces. No matter if you’re looking for an engagement ring, or a pendant to mark a beloved friend’s birthday, you will find the perfect piece in our collection.

Our jewellers in Bothwell also offer a range of jewellery services alongside our premade pieces. If you have a piece of jewellery that is damaged or needs to be resized, don’t worry, our team can help you out. We offer a range of jewellery repair services. Additionally, we do also offer a bespoke service for those looking for that extra special something. Please make sure to get in contact if you have any questions about our range of services or products. Our team will be delighted to help.

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