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Whether you agree with the idea or not, jewellery holds a place of great cultural importance. Particularly for women, jewellery is a symbol of status and femininity, and it can hold sentimental value the likes of which other objects don’t come near to touching. Seeing as they hold a place of such importance, it makes sense that you would want a jeweller that you can trust to deliver top-notch service. Thankfully for residents of central Scotland, Bercotts are jewellers in Glasgow that have the experience, skill and knowledge necessary to produce pieces that you will adore for a lifetime. Whether you’re wanting an engagement ring, necklace, pendant or wedding band, Bercotts Jewellers have the perfect jewellery that will delight and stun.

Prior to having a look through our fantastic range of products, why not stick around to briefly look at why jewellery has held a place of such importance.

Why does Jewellery hold such importance?

It’s a universal truth that everyone wants to look beautiful. Sure, some may hold it a greater level of importance, but everyone likes to look their best. There is a psychological reason as to why we feel the need to decorate ourselves with jewellery. describes a theory known as Maslow’s hierarchy. Back in 1943, the psychologist Abraham Maslow published a theory of motivation that produced a hierarchy of the universal needs of man. According to Baunat and Maslow, the acts of purchasing and wearing of jewellery falls under our higher needs. This is because we require social contact and jewellery can act as symbols for relationships. A wedding ring is a fantastic example of this. If you’re looking for a significant connection to be portrayed through the gifting of jewellery, Bercotts are jewellers in Glasgow that can help you produce bespoke pieces. You’ll find no greater a symbol for your relationship than with the one you help design.

However, it’s not just a great way of showing you appreciate someone. As we briefly touched upon earlier, jewellery can act as a symbol of status and wealth. This has been a trend throughout history, even going back to the earliest traces of man. A necklace made of fish bones was found in a cave in Monaco that supposedly dates back around 25,000 years ago. We can only speculate as to what this symbolised, but we do know that it symbolised some form of status or connection to another person or people. Jewellery also acted as a token of good fortune. Hunters would wear necklaces of teeth, claws or bones in order to gain luck for their next hunt. Later on, people would wear amulets to ward off sickness. While the majority of us no longer believe a gem on a chain will spare us from illness, that sentimental and symbolic value is more prominent than ever.

Bercotts Jewellers

Seeing as jewellery is still such an important part of our connection between other people and ideas, you need a jeweller in Glasgow that can provide you with stunning jewellery worth of this idea. The team at Bercotts come from a long line of jewellers, that have passed on the craft from generation to generation. Not only are there a wide array of gorgeous products available on the website, but you can also book an appointment in order to design a bespoke piece.

Whether you wish to gift a sentimental engagement ring or a necklace for good luck, Bercotts are the perfect jewellers in Glasgow for the job.

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