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Jewellery Repairs Bothwell

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Jewellery isn’t just a pretty ornament that hangs from your neck, dangles from your wrist or hugs your finger. It’s so much more than that. Jewellery is given to mark significant dates such as a birthday or graduation. It can symbolise friendship, love or both at the same time. Some people never take their jewellery off, and some only wear it on special occasions. Wearing is both a sign of conformity to tradition and an artistic act of self-expression. Jewellery means all of that and more; so it’s fair to say that losing a piece of jewellery due to damage is devastating. Thankfully, this tragic circumstance need not happen to you. Bercotts offer high-quality jewellery repairs in Bothwell. We’ll help you to keep your jewellery in perfect condition so that it can be enjoyed for decades to come.

If you look back through history at various human cultures, you will see that jewellery has always been an important part. A piece of jewellery has served several purposes throughout recorded history and this continues to this day. There is even a detailed psychological paper that discusses the importance of using jewellery to decorate ourselves. Abraham Maslow proposed Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in which he listed what he believed to be the universal needs of man. Maslow states that we have a need for social contact and self-realisation. Jewellery traditionally fulfils both needs. As mentioned previously, jewellery can be a symbol of love and friendship. By wearing it, people are showing their connection to another person or group of people. However, jewellery also acts as a form of self-expression. It emphasises our personality and enhances our personal sense of style.

Being that jewellery is so important to many people, the fact that it is delicate can be somewhat problematic. Thankfully, there are expert jewellers like Bercotts out there can save the day when problems occur with our jewellery. You shouldn’t resign yourself to having to do without when there is a team waiting to help you. Our jewellery repairs in Bothwell will leave your pieces looking even better than they did before. We offer a range of different repair services, including; resizing, engraving, re-plating, polishing, replacing missing claws, stone replacement, replacing watch batteries and chain repairs. If you need a type of jewellery repair in Bothwell that isn’t listed, we can still take care of it. Just get in contact with our experts and we can discuss various types of repairs.

Bercotts is a family-run business that has decades worth of experience in the jewellery industry. If you are in need of jewellery repairs in Bothwell, you won’t a more comprehensive and high-quality service. We aren’t a franchised jewellery chain, we truly care about the products and services that we are offering to our clients. For more information on our repairs, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.

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