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Local Jewellery Repairs Newton Mearns

Damaging a precious or expensive item is devastating. It’s an event that at the very least totally ruins your day. If you’ve ever dropped an iPhone and had that sickening moment when you’ve had to pick it back up only to reveal a cracked screen; you know exactly what we’re talking about. However, we’d argue that this happening to jewellery is even worse. Usually, a piece of jewellery holds a certain amount of sentimental value along with any monetary value. You’ve not just damaged an expensive necklace; you’ve damaged a necklace you inherited or were gifted by a loved one. Thankfully, there is expert help available. The team at Bercott’s offers local jewellery repairs in Newton Mearns. Our top-quality repairs will leave your jewellery looking even better than it was before it was damaged.

The gifting and wearing of adornments is an important aspect of many cultures and has been so since the early beginnings of humanity. Stone, bone and shell jewellery crafted back in Prehistoric times shows that we’ve always used it as some kind of symbolism. According to the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) website, these early pieces have been interpreted by archaeologists to have represented a sign of status or protection. It’s not as common now to wear necklaces adorned with bones (well, we don’t sell any), but the sentiment behind jewellery remains. When it is gifted, it often means something even on a subconscious level. While you maybe didn’t intend for your new ring to represent something, it is a sign of wealth and status. You can afford to buy a stunning new ring and that gives a certain status even now.

Given that jewellery has a lot of meaning, it is easy to see why you’d be upset if you damaged it. We’re only slightly exaggerating when we say that our local jewellery repairs in Newton Mearns can be a God-send. Our experts can repair a wide variety of jewellery related issues. Whether you need to have a chain fixed or a diamond replaced; we can deal with it all. It doesn’t even necessarily need to be damaged. Perhaps you’ve lost or gained some weight and a ring no longer fits as perfectly as it once did. We’ll be able to help. We can resize jewellery so that you can once again wear them comfortably.

For more information, please feel free to get in contact. You can find our full range of services on our website, but we’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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