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Stone Shape Guide: Pear Cut Engagement Rings

For the majority, a proposal is a memory to be treasured for a lifetime. At Bercotts, we believe that an engagement ring is one of the best ways to make the moment extra special. By designing a custom ring that perfectly represents yourself and your partner, you’re making a huge romantic statement to them. It’s useful then, to know a little about the various options available. Bercotts have prepared some information about pear cut engagement rings so Stirling clients can pick out the perfect ring for their partner.

Sometimes known as the Pendeloque or Teardrop cut, the pear drop is another example of a rarer stone shape. They currently only account for 4% of all diamonds that are sold internationally. While pear-shaped may sound somewhat of an unappealing descriptor, in reality, pear cut diamonds are a stunning mix of a round cut and marquise cut diamond. They are one of the very few shapes of diamond that are not perfectly symmetric both vertically and horizontally. It is a unique shape, that’s perfectly suited for a unique person. The typical ratio for this shape is between 1.50 and 1.70. Usually, a pear diamond will comprise of 58 facets, with some room for variance when it comes to the pavilion facets. The most important aspect to look for in this type of stone is the outline when looking from above. It should be in the shape of a perfect semi-circle on one side. The effect can be ruined if it is too flat or too rounded.

Our pear cut engagement rings in Stirling are a distinctive yet gorgeous option available for our clients. Dating back to 1475, the pear cut diamond was originated by a pioneer in the diamond industry, Lodewyk van Bercken. He was the person who made it possible to produce complex diamond cuts, due to his invention of the scaif. This device transformed the diamond industry for the better. The scaif is a type of polishing wheel that allows for facets to be placed with exact symmetry, therefore leading to the creation of the pear cut. Modern diamonds wouldn’t be cut to maximise sparkle and shine in the way that they are now without him. Pear cut engagement rings were never the most popular cut, but they are certainly increasing in popularity and for good reason.

One of the most famous diamonds internationally is a pear cut stone. The Taylor-Burton diamond is a 69.42 carat famously bought for Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Richard Burton. It is estimated to be worth just under $19 million USD. However, Taylor isn’t the only celebrity to embrace the stunning shape of a pear diamond. A number of modern celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katherine Heigl have been spotted wearing pear cut engagement rings. It is statement piece and a striking diamond to wear. Similar to other fancy cuts, the pear cut diamond can accentuate finger length and it is very flattering in that regard. However, like with any diamond engagement ring, there are a couple of things that should be kept in mind when purchasing.

In order for a pear diamond engagement ring to be perfect, it is important that Stirling clients ensure that the diamond is symmetrical. If you buy a diamond that is even slightly uneven or wonky, this particular shape will highlight it. Each section should be a mirror image when divided evenly down the middle. Similarly, straight lines will be noticeable. Instead, the diamond should elegantly slope towards the pointed edge. Like the marquise cut, the pear cut stone is prone to the bow-tie effect. You won’t be able to tell if this is the case unless you actually take a look at the diamond. It could be the case that six diamonds are identical on paper, but three are distorted with the bow-tie effect. One big that you need to consider with pear cut engagement rings is the setting. As the pear cut diamond has a spiked edge, it is delicate. The point needs to be protected by your choice of setting otherwise it may chip or break. Our team will be able to guide you in the right direction if you have any doubts. We have a range of pear cut engagement rings in Stirling so that you can propose to your partner with a unique yet gorgeous style of engagement ring. If you get in contact with us to make an appointment, we can give you one-on-one advice on how best to design the engagement ring of your dreams. Please fill out our contact form and we will get back as soon as possible.

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