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Types Of Repairs

rings resized

Our ring sizing service will allow any ring to be sized larger or smaller for that perfect fit. 

Does your ring turn or fall off?  At Bercotts we can alter your ring to give a comfortable fit.

Is your ring too small or too tight?  We can fix this for you.

custom engraving

Our engraving service will allow us to engrave your piece of jewellery with any message, date, fingerprint, handwriting or design.

Gold, Platinum and Silver replating

Our re-plating service will make your jewellery look like new again! Each piece is polished and rhodium plated to bring it back to its original glory. 

Anything from rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets can be re-plated.

Jewellery polished

Bring your jewellery back to life with our polishing service. 

Polish out any marks, scratches, general wear and tear and have your jewellery looking like new again.

repairs and valuations

Carried out by our in house experts, a valuation provides a complete description and verification of what the jewellery actually is, this is done in the form of a printed document. It confirms the existence of the jewellery and gives a carefully considered determination of its correct ‘value’ for a particular purpose including, insurance, selling your jewellery, reporting on the value.

replace missing claw
Missing Claws

The claws are tiny pieces of metal that keep your stones in place, these can be worn away over time, knocked, moved out of place. At Bercotts we can re-tip the claws of your jewellery and have them looking like new.

Stone Replacement
Stone Replacement

At Bercotts we can replace or reset any stones that have fallen out or you would like set in your jewellery, matching stones is not a problem and our expert craftsmen will have your jewellery looking like brand new in no time. 

recycle gold
Scrap Gold

Looking to sell your scrap gold? We will always offer the best price possible on any scrap jewellery or metal. 

broken chain repairs
Chain Repairs

Have your chains looking like new again. 

Watch Battery Replacement
Watch Batteries

We can replace watch batteries as well as all types of watch repairs.

Our experts are available to discuss any type of repair

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