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Wedding Rings Barrhead

Bespoke Gold Diamond Ring

When you have proposed to your loved one you might think thats the most difficult part out the way. However, that is not the case, this is only the beginning. So much goes in to planning a wedding such as venues, catering, dresses and much more. Here at Bercotts we can ease your worries as we provide beautiful wedding rings for our clients in Barrhead. After all you can’t get married without the rings so this is a huge part of your wedding that you wouldn’t have to worry about as you know our stunning rings will be perfect. Wedding rings are supposed to last you a lifetime and we understand this and will have the ring perfectly suited to you.

The tradition of wearing wedding rings goes back as far as around six thousands years ago starting in ancient Egypt. They believed that the ring should be worn on the ring finger due to this finger having an enclosed vein which links directly to the heart. The circle of the ring was intended to signal eternity as the circle is never broke and lasts forever just like your marriage should be. In Roman times this is where rings became made of gold and silver rather than cheaper materials.  Back then though weddings were not as romantic and more about power and ownership however, in these modern times this has all changed and weddings are all about romance and commitment.

Nowadays all rings are gold, silver or other high class materials. On our website you will find a variety of wedding rings for both men and woman. These stunning rings can be patterned, shaped  or just traditional. We can also engrave your ring if you would like to add that special date of your big day to them. We have a whole host of top class wedding rings so if you look around you will be sure to find one that will be perfectly suited to you. If you don’t find the right one and would like something different and unique to you and your partner then we could design a set of bespoke wedding rings for you both. We can guide you through this process of what materials to use and design it to your exact vision.

If you are in Barrhead and would like to find out more about our weddings rings or would like to book an appointement to come in and discuss the process of having bespoke wedding rings then please do not hesitate to contact us where one of our team will be happy to help or book you in for an appointment.


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