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Wedding Rings Clarkston

Gold Gents Patterned Ring

When it comes to getting married to your partner, people often assume that the proposal is the hard part. People assume wrong. The proposal involves four key ingredients; you, your partner, a ring and four words. A wedding usually involves significantly more elements. Sure, some people romanticise and say that it’s only the couple that matters. This is true to an extent, but most couples go all out for their wedding. You also need to worry about the dress, the venue, the guests, the cake, the vows, the bridesmaids, the meal; the list can go on forever. For some, the importance of the rings falls by the wayside. This is a mistake as the wedding is over in a day, but a wedding ring is something you’re meant to wear every day. Thankfully, Bercotts are here to help. We supply and design stunning wedding rings in Clarkston.

Weddings are full of tradition. It’s both a blessing and a curse as it means you have more to worry about. The tradition of wear a wedding ring is one that has lasted throughout the centuries and is synonymous with the act. You could get rid of the cake, the party, the dress and the venue; but you wouldn’t get married without the giving and receiving of rings. There is evidence of wedding rings being used in ceremonies all the way back in the Ancient Egyptian era. Papyrus scrolls depict scenes of couples gifting one another reeds braided to create a ring. The Roman’s took this idea and ran with it; however, they fashioned their rings from Gold and Iron instead. The tradition dates back millennia and it will last for the centuries to come. Consequently, it is not an aspect of your wedding that you want to overlook.

Our wedding rings in Clarkston are significantly more attractive than a braided ring of hemp. We provide clients with a variety of choices. Our range of rings have options that come with different; stones, metal types, setting styles etc. Consequently, you’ll be able to find a ring that you’ll be happy to wear for a lifetime. You can view our full range on our website or you can get in contact and book an appointment to come to our studio. Our team of experts are delighted to help you pick out the perfect rings. If you’re looking for something especially unique, we also offer the opportunity for you to have a bespoke wedding ring. Following an appointment at our studio, we will craft a ring that is perfectly fitted to you and your partner.

The perfect wedding ring is the cherry on top of a gorgeous wedding ceremony. It’s a memento from the event that will hopefully last a lifetime. For more information on our wedding rings in Clarkston, please feel free to get in contact.

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