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Wedding Rings Glasgow

Bespoke Eternity Ring

The proposal is done and they said yes. That’s the hard part done, right? Well, sure if you consider planning a huge event that caters to your needs, the needs of your partner and the needs of one hundred of your closest friends and family, easy. There is a lot to consider; the venue, the dress, the cake, all sorts. However, once the event is over what are you left with? Well, hopefully, a strengthened relationship with your wife/husband/partner. That, and a wedding ring. They’re a big deal. You’re choosing a ring that is supposed to last for a lifetime. Bercotts provide clients with stunning wedding rings in Glasgow that you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life.

Wedding rings in Glasgow are commonplace. When someone gets married, you assume that they are going to end up wearing a wedding ring after the ceremony. However, you may be wondering why this is the case. Who decided that committed couples should wear rings?

Brief History of Wedding Rings

We do have a more thorough look at the history of wedding and engagement rings located on our blog, but it’s helpful to reiterate this so that you know what a wedding ring symbolises. There has been evidence of wedding rings dating all the way back to ancient times. We’d be lying if we said that they were originally the most sturdy and glamorous of items. Back in Egyptian times, committed couples would gift each other braided rings fashioned from reeds or hemp. Obviously, these didn’t last very long and so they were slowly replaced with stronger materials such as ivory or leather. Sadly, there is no simple yet detailed chronological timeline of the development of wedding rings for us to offer you. Like with most of history, perspectives change and the meaning of a wedding ring as a symbol went back and forth depending on culture and religious shifts. It is a fascinating subject if you do have the chance to research it properly, but what can be taken from the history of rings is a theme of a commitment (be it strictly legally or romantically). The shape of a ring is a circle; something that never ends and is eternal.

Wedding Rings Now

We’ve moved on from the days of hemp, ivory and leather. Now, wedding rings often take the form of a solid gold or platinum band. Sometimes they are as simple as that, or they can be embellished with diamonds, gemstones or engravings. It is a ring that is meant to stay with you for the rest of your life, so often they are more simple and practical than engagement rings.

We offer a broad variety of wedding rings in Glasgow. You can opt for the more traditional, simple yet elegant band, or you can have a ring that is bedazzled with rows of sparkling diamonds. The choice is yours. You can view our range of wedding rings available to purchase on our website. Additionally, you can get in contact with us in order to book an appointment. A one-on-one appointment with one of our staff will mean that you will be able to create a bespoke design or have assistance with choosing the perfect pre-made ring. We’ve had decades in helping clients select the perfect wedding ring and we cannot wait to help you get a gorgeous token of your marriage.

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